Legends of the Lakes Screener

A fraction of the screener that we will be presenting at the State of Lake Michigan Conference on Nov, 8, 2017 in the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Convention Center in Green Bay, Wi.
The film is available on DVD. You can find it on eBay or at a growing number of regional retailers.

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Photo Still From The DVD.

Anschutz Bros Great Lakes commercial fishermen in fish tug off of the Door Peninsula
On a beautiful Lake Michigan morning the fish tug Gen is seen netting Whitefish off of Bailey’s Harbor,Wi. A still image taken from the documentary Legends Of The Lakes. Produced by Gary and Kevin Anschutz. http://www.fishtug.com/

Andy LaFond Legendary Commercial Fishermen

Andy LaFond Legends of the Lakes documentary

Andy LaFond of Algoma, Wisconsin who was recently cast as one of the three Legends of the Lakes. A documentary of the same name produced by Gary and Kevin Anschutz.

The film features Andy LaFond, Philly Anderson and Charlie Nylund. Three legendary Lake Michigan commercial fishermen. Who recall memories from a lifetime working the lake while doing the most dangeri\ous job on Earth.

Phillip “Philly” Anderson Fishing Legend

Legendary commercial fisherman Philly Anderson

Legendary Great Lakes commrercial fisherman Phillip “Philly” Anderson. Photo taken during the making of the documentary “Legends of the Lakes” Philly has so many great memories and stories that there are several that we didn’t have room for in the film. We will certainly use them in the next documentary and hope to get even more in another interview.

Phillip “Philly” Anderson Legend Of The Lakes.

Philly Anderson stopped at the boat in August while enroute to his Summer vaction on Washinhton Island. We got a quick story out of him at the time “You can’t have steel net boxes in that boat” Photo from the making of the documentary “Legends of the Lakes”

Philly will be at the “State of Lake Michigan Comference” along with Charlis Nylund and Andy LaFond and us too. We will do a 20 minute screening of the film and take questions from the audience. The 400 sears have been sold out.