Planting Brown Trout.

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Planting Brown Trout.

Postby Points North » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:16 am

When I was a youngster there were 7 fish tugs operating out of the harbor and all but a couple left at very close to the same time. Usually all were fired and ready and left the dock within a minute or less of each other.

One boat always seems to get a jump on the others and pulled out first after a very short warmup. This boat had one bizarre ritual that was done at precisely the same time and exactly the same place every day with the precision of a nuclear clock. As the boat rounded the end of the breakwall and was about 75 feet from the dock, you would without exception see the door on the port/stern opening and then..... a bare ass hanging out of it. A planting of Brown Trout you could say.

Every morning and always OUT THE SIDE FACING THE OTHER BOATS/COTTAGES/AND ANYONE WHO CARED ENOUGH TO LOOK.The other fishermen used to laugh about it and get a real kick out of this but he cared not.

He hung that ass out there like it was the "Red Badge Of Courage" proud and undaunted, he broke up the monotonous morning routine of leaving the dock for everyone there. He got really proficient at it too. From the time the door moved until he closed it back up all done restocking Browns, took probably 45 seconds.

Just a funny story of a quirky guy who just didn't give a shit who was watching.. There was no shame in his game and it still makes me laugh 40 years later.
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