Fishing 60 boxes

There's nothing better than tales from the lakes. I loved them as a boy and I stil do.
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Fishing 60 boxes

Postby Points North » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:07 pm

In the mid - late 1970s there was an entertaining gentleman who fished out of the harbor here. He had an old wooden boat with narrow beam not much wider than the old wooden net boxes. Ok, well it was probably 8ft wide. When the forecast called for gales he seemed to care not. He would set his nets back regardless of what the winds they called for.

Well! Very frequently he would be unable to find his gang or gangs of nets after the storm had passed. You could see him running up and down the lake then pulling a grapple hook through the area he'd last seen his buoys and eventually giving up and moving on.

He'd tell other fishermen to keep an eye out for his gangs and let him know if any were sighted and just like clockwork there was no sign of the nets. That is at the moment anyway. He'd set out fresh nets to take the place of those lost at sea and soon forget about the lost gill nets.

Every so often we or one of the other boats would get hung up and eventually worked ourselves free only to find that we'd snagged one of his old gangs. They could be anywhere from 10 nights out to 5 or 6 years out.

We got hold of one that was probably 50 or 60 nights out. I'll tell you. You don't know how to have a good time until you lift nets that have been fishing all Summer. I'd say all Summer but the evidence seemed to point to the fact that parts of the gang remained fishing, other parts sank to the bottom and still other segments had been stripped out just as if you'd cut it out to restring it.

The fish that were in them were unrecognizable other than they were rotten mush that smelled like Sasquatch shit on a burning tire. We picked through them if the meters were savable or if they were just too rancid we'd tie a buoy on and let him know we'd found one of his gangs.

Time rolled on and even years later we would get a hold of one of his old gangs every once in a while. To this day we joke when we're hung on something. That must be one of the ghost gangs. Our old friend has passed away several years ago but I'm pretty sure he's still fishing 4 or 5 gangs out there and by gosh. You're not really dead if you still have nets in the water. Farewell Albee thank you for keeping it fun your sense of humor is sadly missed.
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Re: Fishing 60 boxes

Postby whitecap » Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:02 pm

Great story. He was a true character. He actually taught me how to cut across netting when restringing sections. I was 10 years old and he was using one of the steel net reels in our net shed to fix some of his gear. He said "Come here and cut this across" I said," I don't know how". He said "Just start cutting".He didn't care how I did it. I proceeded to cut his netting the wrong direction, parallel to the maitre and he just laughed.Yes he was one entertaining fellow.