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A Talk with Charlie Nylund

Postby whitecap » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:34 pm

We were lucky enough here at to get a sit down with another "Great" Geat Lakes fisherman recently. A 62 Year Veteran to commercial fishing the upper Great Lakes. Charles "Charlie" Nylund well versed in trap and gillnetting was a amiable and welcoming host.
When his grandfather first came to this country from Sweden in around 1900, there were already several generations of his family that fished the homeland.His Grandfafter first took a job mining in Northern Wisconsin, but eventually returned to his true calling,fishing after a few years. Its hard to imagine for regular folks switching job titles from the second deadliest occupation in the land,miner, to the deadliest, commercial fisherman. But the heart wants what the heart wants.And his grampa began fishing again, only in a different country now. Charlie's father,Wilbert aka "Pep" also heeded to the call , as did son Charlie.
Through Charlie's hard work ethic, common sense approach to fishing and likabe nature, it isn't hard to see how he built one of the most successful fisheries on Lake Michigan.Over the years he owned at least 4 gillnet tugs and 3 trap/pound net boats.
He shared with some stories and photos from his 6 decades long career. We will be posting a few photos and some video of our recent visit with Charlie.Stay tuned, your sure to enjoy.
I took these photos of Charlie when he was a mere 79 years old and out lifting his Whitefish nets on a somewhat nasty day.Most men would be grimacing,but, you can clearly see in his face, the enthusiasim of a child and the toughness of steel in this Ledgend of the Lakes.Thank You Charlie.
When Charlie Says Its Go Time.Its Go Time. Age 79..jpg
Charlie Nylund age 79. "when Charlie Says Its Go Time,Its Go Time"
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Re: A Talk with Charlie Nylund

Postby Points North » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:30 pm
Here's a short clip of Charlie saying as much. Please forgive the audio. It was a noisy background and I did my best to reduce the noise but I'll need a do over with Charlie in a quieter setting.

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