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Anything relating to the fishing industry of the Great Lakes.Almost all post will be here.
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Welcome to the forums.

Postby admin » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:19 am

Welcome fishermen of the Great Lakes. I hope everyone who happens by [url]www,cfog.info[/url] enjoys their visit and in turn tells all their friends. We have a whole lot of fun stuff planned. I'm working on an interactive map of fishing ports on the lakes. It should be a very intertaining item for both fishermen and those just curious about the fishing industry.

We also plan on taking trips around the lakes in hopes of meeting some of you. We'd be getting pictures and video of ports, boats and the men who man them. In addition to thatwe're going to do pilgrimages to the holy lands of the Great Lakes, the places that launched boats, products and services that made huge impacts on the Great Lakes fishery. We'd interview owners, PR or old time employees and film it all,

There are many ideas we have in mind and we'd like to hear some of yours as well. We hope you'll participate and have fun,

Don't forget to check out the cfog.info channel on youtube. Here's a short montage video I posted just to get things underway.

Thank You


"There's no better bilge pump than a scared man with a bucket"
"There's no better bilge pump than a scared man with a bucket"