Michigan's Upper Peninsula Trip So Far

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Re: Michigan's Upper Peninsula Trip So Far

Postby Points North » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:25 am

A return to the gateway to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Spent some time with Charlie Nylund another of the Legends Of The Lakes Spent some time with Todd Ruleau as well. He has his boat set up as his living quarters. How cool is that. It's more spacious than most appartments and smells better than mine.


The Trygg in the river at Marinette, Wisconsin. These gill net tugs fish the Upper Green Bay Waters near the Wis/Mi. state line.

The Great Lakes fish tug Carolyn. This old gal has some great lines. I've always loved the look of this boat.

The F/V Liberty ashore in Marinette,Wi. Being next to the old house makes it look even more quaint than it already looks. I'd like to see her in the water fishing. video
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