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Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:00 pm
by Points North
I'm making the new interactive map of Great Lakes commercial fishing port. The new map will be broken down by lake and run more efficiently. So far it looks like it has over 2000 pictures to get started. The majority of the pictures are original that either I or my brother have taken over a lifetime.

However there are some ports that I've never been to so I had to find a few to fill the map in. My problem is I have some pictures that I thought were from these ports but on second look I'm not sure. If anybody knows where these photos are taken at or anything about these tugs please let me know. Thank you.

peggy s.jpg
Mystery fish tug #1 the Peggy S.

Mystery Tug #2 the Waabi. I think it's in lower Michigan, maybe Manistee, Leland or Ludington?

Mary L00007.jpg
This one I know where it is because I took it a couple days ago but it's 5 miles inland and doesn't have a port.

Mary L00008.jpg
Another of the Mary L.

Mary L00014.jpg

The Hickey Bros owned it years ago here in Bailey's Harbor but this predates that. I'm thinking it was a Michigan boat.

cindy marie.JPG
Looks like Bayfield , Port Wing or Cornucopia.

big traverse bay 876.JPG
I'm thinking Big Traverse Bay,Mi. Entirely unsure.

Re: Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:38 pm
by Points North
Here's some more I have about 25 more.

allie bros.JPG
She was a native of Sturgeon Bay but moved away some years ago to Port Wing I think, after that I don't know.

cool little boat.JPG
Great looking little boat.

debbie d.JPG
Debbie D no idea.

dont know william g.JPG
I think it was a Lake Superior boat before Eric Nelson bought it.

An old picture.

Milwauukee, Waukegan or Chicago maybe?

no idea.JPG
No idea???

Looks like the Palmer and it could be here in Sturgeon Bay in the 1970s.

It's a Sellman boat so you'd think Manistique but it doesn't look like Manistique.

A trapper.

where from.JPG

Re: Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:30 pm
by Points North
bayfield port wing cornucopia.JPG

bonnie s and ida s.JPG
The Bonnie S and the Ida S in the same place same time. It's full of win.

It's cartoonish.

dawn and janice a.JPG
dawn and janice a

doughboy jr dont know.JPG

merleen dont know.JPG
Merleen no clue.

palmer milwaukee or racine.JPG
The Palmer. Milwaukee or maybe Racine?

It's a party on the water.

Re: Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:28 pm
by TR49
I have been enjoying exploring your excellent website. I registered and will be back regularly. In doing research on the fish tugs of Two Rivers, WI I may have come across information on some of your "Fish Tugs of Unknown Origin." My records show the following. :

-- The PEGGY S. (#249031): Built as the THERESA, 1945 by Burger Boat, Manitowoc, WI for Nelson LeClair, Two Rivers. Dimensions: 37.42’ long x 12’ wide X 4.66’ draft; steel hull; original Kahlenberg engine replaced, 1954, with Cummins diesel. Owned by LeClair, Two Rivers, 1945-54; subsequent owners: Albert F. Koski, Aura, MI, Roy Koski, Aura, MI, James Wiita, Lake Linden, MI, Philip Anderson, Kewaunee, WI, Steve Slupik, Kenosha, WI, Raymond E. Slupik, Jr., Ronald Grovogel, Jacksonport, WI, Chris L. Petersen, Dennis W. Hickey. Post 2005: no documentation. Last port: Bailey's Harbor, WI. 1971, renamed, MARY ANN; 1992, renamed JEAN RENNAE; 2000, renamed PEGGY S.; after 2000, renamed J.R. PETERSEN; after 2000, renamed TRYGG: final documented name. (Sources: Harvey Hadland, Bowling Green University, NOAA/Coast Guard registration)
--The PATHFINDER (#252169): Built as the BARBARA II, 1947, Bessemer, MI for Martin Christianson, Black River Harbor, MI. Dimensions: 36’ long x 11’ wide x 4.5’ draft; white oak hull later covered with steel; Model D4600 Caterpillar diesel. Owned by Christiansen, Black River Harbor, MI, 1947-68; subsequent owners: Arthur Kron, Bayfield, WI, Gordon Topel, Oconto, WI, Hickey Bros., Baileys Harbor, WI, Richard Kusiak, Two Rivers. 31 March 1992: documentation expired. Renamed PATHFINDER by the Hickey Bros. (Sources: Harvey Hadland, NOAA/Coast Guard registration)
--DOUGHBOY JR.: I have a DOUGHBOY (#226201) without the JR., but it a 1926 boat. Do you think this could be the same one?
--MERLEEN: Built, 1937, Sturgeon Bay Boat Works, Sturgeon Bay, WI for Felix Peterson, Naubinway, MI. Dimensions: 40’ long x 12’ wide; 30-36 Kahlenberg oil engine replaced in 1974 with a Perkins diesel. Owned by Pearson, Naubinway, MI, 1937-39; subsequent owners: Smith Bros. Fishery, Port Washington, WI, Nial Gates, Two Rivers, Reuben Peterson, Manistique, MI, Russell and Robert Jensen, Manistique, MI; sold out of the fishery. (Source: Harvey Hadland)
--ALLIE BROTHERS (#233516): This is a Two Rivers boat. The Allie Brothers were distant relatives. It was built for Walter and Elmer Allie, 1933, Peterson Boat Works ,Sturgeon Bay, WI. Dimensions: 37’ long x 11.2’ wide x 4.8’ draft; white oak hull with steel sheeting added later; 2-cycle 30-36 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine; re-powered with GM3-71 diesel at Port Wing. Owned by Allie Brothers, Two Rivers; subsequent owners: Percy J. Peterson, Milwaukee, WI; Jacksonport, WI owner; Norman & Harris Johnson, Port Wing, WI; Marvin Morris, Red Cliff, WI; Troy Hanson, Bayfield, WI. (Sources: Harvey Hadland, NOAA/Coast Guard registration, Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1960)
--SELLMAN BROS. (#236718): Built in 1937 as the MEYER BROTHERS, Burger Boat Co, Manitowoc, WI for Charles Meyer, Harbor Beach, MI. Dimensions: 47.2’ long x 14.5’ wide x 6.1’ draft; steel hull; 100-120 Kahlenberg oil engine; re-powered in 1974 with a 250 hp. Cummins diesel. Owned by Meyer, 1937-42; subsequent owners: U.S. Maritime Commission, John Meyer, Harbor Beach, MI, Everett LaFond, Two Rivers, Harold Sellman, Manistique, MI, Arthur B. Atkinson, Waukegan, IL / Chicago, IL. Post 2005: no documentation. During World War II, taken over by U.S. Government; converted for use as fire-boat at Detroit; 1949-55, renamed SENATOR; 1962-74, renamed SELLMAN BROS.; 1974, renamed CLIFFORD J. (Sources: Harvey Hadland, Bowling Green University, NOAA/Coast Guard registration)

I hope this is of interest. Let me know if any of it is clearly inaccurate, or if I can be of help with information on any Two Rivers tugs. My research is still very much in its early stages. Take care--

Patrick Gagnon

Re: Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:30 pm
by Points North
Thank you for your well researched response. I appreciate the time and effort involved. I can now add some of these to their proper ports. Again, thank you. Points North.

Re: Fish Tugs Of Unknown Origin (Help If You Can)

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:50 pm
by upfish
The Debbie D is in fairport, its a 40x11 burger built in 1945 for herman frietag of kenosha, originaly named JOEL, it went to lake superior in the 60's then it was down in ludington mi in the late 70's through early 80's owned by tribal fisherman bob peterson, he sold it to todd preseau cheyboygan mi, who changed the name to Debbie D he fished it on lake huron until the late 90's then it layed idle for a number of yrs at hammond bay, before todd gave it to darrin ranguette fairport, he renamed it the Vida, it came out with a 50-60 kahlenberg, was replaced in the 60's when it went to superior, with a 671 gm, at this time it is no longer fishing. the pictures of the Doughboy, Janice A, Dawn, and Joesph Seiner, were taken in fairport, sometime in the mid 70's, growing up at that time in Fairport i remember them well,