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Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes. Parts 1- 4

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:29 pm
by Points North
The first in a long series of upcoming videos chronicling the Great Lakes commercial fishing ports. This pilot episode has 4 ports all on Lake Michigan. Watch for your home port in the near future.

Your help would be greatly appreciated if you're able to provide pictures and or video of ports near you. I have been to many ports on the Great Lakes but I have no chance of ever visiting all of them in what remains of my life. With that said there will be some important fishing harbors that will not have any pictures/video to represent them. That's very sad.

We have undertaken a documentary project that will with any luck be televised on Wisconsin and possibly Michigan television stations or maybe PBS channels. Contribute anything we may use to document past/current/future states of the fisheries. When we're gone there will just be hazy memories in the elderly about a time when hardened men did battle with the elements to provide fish for his fellow citizens. It would be a great service to leave behind us a clear and vivid story of our life on the lakes, for in the not too distant future we will be remembered much like the blacksmith is remembered today.

It's up to us to make sure that in 100 years our lives and profession are remembered acurately and not the way many of these fanatical self obsessed sports fishermen portray us (Greedy, reckless, environmentally retarded, ignorant slaughterers of entire species of fish)
Only a moron without the ability to think critically would present such an portrayal (one that falls apart with even rudimentary scrutiny)

We are the best custodians of fish populations because our lives depend on sustainable fish populations. Our primary target fish can continously repopulate it's numbers (get this) EVEN WITH A 60% MORTALITY RATE EVERY YEAR. A fish so hardy and adaptable that is can change it's habits and diet to keep up with changing conditions seemngly at will.

We shall be remembered as rugged, tough and independant men of the sea who provided fresh fish for those who were unable to catch their own. We must be remembered as men who engaged in the world's most dangerous profession and did it for very little money some years. A job FAR more dangerous than any policeman whom I'm tired of hearing "how lucky he is to go home at night" and far more honorable than an outboard boat load of candy asses who get out of the shower to take a piss. You know those that call us greedy when they would like nothing more than to shut us down along with the Friday night fish frys, the fish market meals and more that our citizens can enjoy for cheap. All so that they can be the only demographic to take fish from the lakes.

Tell me again Mr soft guy who the greedy ones are.

Ok that's my rant for today. I had to get it off my chest after seeing some posts by these pathetic turds who are unable to think in the abstract. Those effeminine males are the reason I disable comments on my youtube channel. I just don't want to engage these punks unless it's in hand to hand combat. I don't have time to destroy these chicks with logic and reason because they can't comprehend those concepts.

All the videos in this series will be posted in this one thread so check back frequently.

Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes Part 1

Fairport,Mi - Manistique,Mi - Suamico,WI and Two Rivers,Wi.

Re: Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes. Part One Of Roughly 16.

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:49 pm
by Points North
Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes Part 2

The ports of: Naubinway,Mi - Sand Bay And North Bay,Wi - Kewaunee,Wi.

Re: Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes. Parts 1-3

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:35 pm
by Points North
Great Lakes Commercial Fishing Ports Part 3

The Ports Of: Gill's Rock,Wi. Marinette,Wi. Menominee,Mi. Grand Marais,Mi.

Re: Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes. Parts 1- 4

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:14 pm
by Points North
Commercial Fishing Ports Of The Great Lakes Part 4.
Cedar River, Mi And Bailey's Harbor,Wi.