Legends Of The Lakes Documentary DVD Box Set

Legends Of The Lakes Documentary DVD Box Set
The cover for our Great Lakes commercial fishing documentary "Legends Of The Lakes"
Two brothers from a Great Lakes commercial fishing family start taking their video cameras to work and capturing footage that only a very few people in the world would ever see otherwise. Fishing boats being tossed around in gale force winds, breaking their way through heavy Winter ice and placidly tending to their nets on smooth almost surreal waters.

Adding to this unique video, they talk with three legendary fishermen who share memories from a lifetime of doing the most dangerous job on Earth. Stories of catching live Sidewinder missles in Lake Michigan to violence breaking out between a large group of armed DNR wardens and a group of fishermen who'd had enough. Stories of sinkings and close calls.

The entire project was filmed, edited, produced and marketed by two commercial fishing brothers with no background in film making.
The film is based on the memories of three legendary Great Lakes commercial fishermen. Charlie Nylund, Andy La Fond and Phillip "Philly" Anderson. https://youtu.be/aJ6waXSFbBw
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Legends Of The Lakes Documentary DVD Box Set

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