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 You've found found your way to Ready2Set Gill Net Co.

If you found us by being a registered member at then we can give you

an automatic 10% discount.

Why have Ready2Set do your network?

Because we make gill nets our bitches.

We've been making gillnets our bitches since we were little kids in 1976.

Back then we did it for the chicks but today we do it because we love making gill nets our bitches.

These are well strung gill nets and chicks dig em' well strung.

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How do I know these aren't poorly made gill nets that won't hold up to my high standards?

Because, they're strung by genuine gill net Gods.

If Jesus was still fishing gill nets, he would be bringing all his boxes to Ready2Set and Jesus would damn sure get his discount for registering at

We know our #%&#

Leadcore? We practically invented it.

Virtually any type of mono-filament, we got this #%##

You hate stringing nets and we love making them our bitches so it all works out pretty well.

I'll bet those so called called gill net Gods are slow and I'll be waiting forever for my nets.

Hell no! Even as little kids we could smoke any grown man in a slugging contest. True story.

If you think your local hero can keep up with the gill net Gods, I say bring it.

So let's review.

You get two genuine gill net Gods who as children slugged to get chicks, making well strung gill nets at record speed.


Good enough for Jesus, good enough for you.


jesus loves ready2Set custom Gill Nets fish tug great lakes fish tugs