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Publications will reproduce classic commercial fishing publications.

We have newspaper articles, magazines and hardcover books.

Men 'N Boats Frank Prothero The Fisheries Of The Great Lakes Fish Tugs

Frank Protheros' Men 'N Boats has been reproduced in it's entirety.

Read it cover to cover here Men 'N Boats.

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We will post issues of these magazines.

The Fisherman Magazine Great Lakes Fish Tugs Commercial Fishing

It's fish tug porn for real men.

 The Fisherman

If you're not familiar with this next one. You've never had a tug job.

Great Lakes Fisherman Magazine Fish Tugs

Available here The Great Lakes Fishermen

If you want a site where you can go and be among fishermen.

Then this is the place.

The founders of this site were all missing at least one finger.

The founders all had beards.

The founders have all used a 5 gallon bucket a toilet.

The founders have all hunted and killed bear.

gill net custom building repair stringing fish tug commercial fishermen

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Bearcat's Fish House Ad

This is a link to the new Gallery Of Great Lakes Fishing

Great lakes fish tug charlie nylund commercial fisherman from the upper peninsula

Upper Peninsula Commercial Fisherman Charlie Nylund.On The Trygg.

Link to the Youtube channel for New videos are posted regularly

Great Lakes Commercial Fishing

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Ready2Set Gill Nets Fish Tugs And Fishermen Fishing Blog Fish Tugs Past Headers

Coming soon. Click on a lake for photo galleries of fishtugs from each port.

commercial fishing ports great lakes header

.map of great lakes

Link to the map fishing ports of the lakes .

Zoom in or out, drag the map to move a great distance quickly. Click on the icons and place marks to bring up pictures and videos.

Charlie Nylund Upper Peninsula commercial fisherman fish tug great lakes

Upper Peninsula Commercial Fisherman Charlie Nylund.

 fish tug great lakes commercial fishermen

We had a gale day in October.

whitefish in gillnet anschutz bros

We were pulling the maximum payload that these gillnets are capable of .

trapnetter iran h upper peninsula fish tug in cedar river michigan

The trapnetter Iran F in Cedar River, Michgan.